Cross Currents: Peregrine O'Gormley, Penelope Gottlieb, James Prosek

Jun 15 - Jul 14, 2018

Santa Fe

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CrossCurrents: Peregrine O’Gormley, Penelope Gottlieb, James Prosek
June 15 – July 14, 2018
Opening Reception with the Artists: Friday, June 15, 2018, 5-7pm

Contact: Maria Hajic, Director of Naturalism and Contemporary Western
Phone: (505) 954-5719
Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10-5pm

Peregrine O’Gormley sculpts nearly all of his original work in wood from which he
creates models to produce his bronze editions. O’Gormley strongly believes living
materials need not be cut to create art and avoids using living trees for his work. The
original raw material should be found, scavenged or recycled. I use wood from
windfalls, beachcombing, gifts from old-timers collections, etc. My work is grounded in
the wonder and beauty of common living forms and materials, while maintaining a
keen eye to the profound changes we are witnessing in our global ecology. Although I
subscribe to no doctrine, the spirituality surrounding death has become quite visceral for me in the wake of my father’s passingand some of the inspiration for the artwork in this exhibition is quite personal.

Penelope Gottlieb is a painter who has uprooted the tradition of flower painting formally and thematically. In her Invasive Plants series, Gottlieb appropriates and significantly alters existing digital prints from the John James Audubon archive. Gottlieb depicts the ravages of a contemporary ecological phenomenon wherein non-native species are introduced and overtake the balance of its delicate ecosystem. The elements of beauty, unease, and surprise coexist in order to draw the viewer in to an active reading of the literally colonized image space. It is my intention to awaken some of the conflicting feelings that lie hidden beneath the surface of our inherent attitudes, and those injured by our inherited representations of nature and history.

James Prosek is a well-known artist, author, world traveler and conservationist. He has
authored eleven books and received many academic honors. His artwork has been exhibited world-wide and is in numerous museum collections across the US. Prosek’s diverse body of work is directly inspired by his life observations of the natural world. Since his early documentary paintings of trout, his art has become more conceptual, engaging in questions of how we name, systematize and order nature.

Gerald Peters Gallery is located at 1005 Paseo de Peralta, just one block from Canyon
Road. If you would like additional information please contact:

Maria Hajic, Director of Naturalism, Email: Digital images are  available upon request.
Thank you for your consideration.