Our Santa Fe gallery represents the estates of numerous regional artists, most of whom were active members of the Santa Fe Art Colony during the 1920s and 1930s.  While most of these artists moved to Santa Fe or Taos during the early decades of the twentieth century (Frank Applegate, Jozef Bakos, Cyrus Baldridge, Joseph Fleck, Willard Nash, Helmuth Naumer and Albert Schmidt among them), others were short-term residents or summer visitors here such as Marjorie Eaton and Albert Krehbiel.  Whether they came to capture the colorful scenery, to benefit from the low-cost of living, or to take advantage of the clear, dry air, these early artists left a colorful artistic legacy that has greatly enriched the cultural history and creative identity of this region.


Our New York gallery, which specializes in American Modernists, also boasts a strong estates department. Shared between the two galleries is the estate of Max Weber (1881-1961).  While Weber did not paint in New Mexico, he was an important early member of the Stieglitz circle in New York and a key figure among America’s first avant-garde.


We are pleased to announce the recent additions of the Harold Joe Waldrum and Phyllis Sloane estates to our holdings. Both Waldrum and Sloane moved permanently to New Mexico in the late 1970’s. Each profoundly influenced by their respective relocation, the two artists developed what would become their mature styles at home in Northern New Mexico.

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