Will Clift: Reaching

April 1 - 23, 2016

New York

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Press Release

Gerald Peters Gallery is pleased to announce Reaching, a selection of new works by contemporary sculptor, Will Clift. This will be the artist’s second solo exhibition with Gerald Peters Gallery, New York.  

Since the gallery last had an opportunity to spotlight his work in 2014, Clift’s career has expanded on an international level. He has been awarded numerous private and public commissions, including a permanent installation at the Denver Botanic Gardens and another in Shanghai’s new L’Avenue building; received the International Artist Award at Australia’s Sculpture by the Sea, the most visited public sculpture event in the world; and is currently the 2016 Artist in Residence at Stanford University. Throughout, he has continued to sculpt, creating works of increasing complexity while maintaining the elegant silhouettes for which he has become known.

Will Clift combines unconventional materials that he initially discovered during his engineering studies at Stanford University —carbon fiber composites, pigments, and alloys originally developed for aerospace construction—with minimalistic and graceful forms to create works that appear to defy gravity. His sculptures are mesmerizingly weightless as they curve seamlessly through space. In his sculptures, Clift achieves the appearance of organic form without revealing the intuited engineering that makes them appear to float. The sculptor utilizes his training in engineering, psychology, and systems thinking to create technically masterful works that are complex yet unobtrusively quiet and thoughtful. Whether grounded on an impossibly small base, or hung precariously from invisible wires, Clift’s sculptures are playful and refined, inviting viewers to join in on an intimate moment frozen in time.

The magical quality of Clift’s work continues to resonate with audiences, and since his inaugural 2014 exhibition, Clift has experienced resounding success that stretches across the world. Reaching brings the artist's work back to New York from April 1st through the 23rd.