Mike Glier: With All The Holes In You Already There's No Reason To Define The Outside Environment As Alien

Feb 28 - Mar 28, 2013

New York

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New works by Mike Glier

Gerald Peters Gallery is pleased to present "With All The Holes In You Already There's No Reason To Define The Outside Environment As Alien"*, an exhibition of recent paintings, drawings, and wall drawings by Mike Glier based on his observation of the Northeast landscape as it cycles through the seasons.

The environment is an urgent subject and for two decades Mike Glier has been exploring it through landscape painting. His focus, however, is not on describing landscape, but on the act of perceiving it. Perception, he believes, is an intimate exchange, where the body and mind mingle with the outside world, each affecting the other. It is here, where personal experience and cultural knowledge filter information flowing from the senses, that Glier paints pictures. 

The impetus for this exhibition originated in 2005, when Glier began to paint outdoors. “Working in the fresh air brought a new level of complexity and serendipity.” He notes that “insecurity became a part of the process, deliberation gave way to improvisation, observation was replaced by estimation, and the intellectual satisfaction of realizing a goal dissolved into the physical joy of making something unexpected. Over time I realized that as a group these little paintings had captured something enormous; by recording the seasonal changes of color, light and motif of one place over time, they also described the seasonal tilt of the earth on its axis. It was surprising to have felt the size and sensed the shape of the globe while standing in my backyard. To stretch one’s perception from the local to the global is a feat that requires imagination and empathy. It’s also a challenge that defines our time.”

*Jenny Holzer