Gershon Benjamin

Apr 2 - May 8, 2015

New York

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Press Release

The Gerald Peters Gallery, New York, is pleased to announce Gershon Benjamin, an exhibition of thirty works that span the career of this talented, yet often overlooked artist. Gershon Benjamin will be the first exhibition held at the Gallery since taking over representation of the Benjamin Estate.

A close friend and artistic ally of Milton Avery, and part of a circle of artists that included Mark Rothko and Adolph Gottlieb, Benjamin held true to his belief in modernism and to his understanding of art as a conveyor of beauty, feeling, and emotional expression rather than a vehicle for a prescribed doctrine. His pared down compositions hit on the essentials of his subjects and align him intellectually and aesthetically with the artistic paragons of his generation.

A photo-editor by day – Benjamin worked for many years for the New York Sun – he devoted his personal time to his canvases, painting every place he lived or visited – New York City, Free Acres, NJ, Gloucester, MA – and whatever crossed his path – delving into landscape painting, still lifes, and figurative compositions. Having never sought to support himself through his art, viewing it instead as a personal endeavor, Benjamin remains an underappreciated artist from the generation of great American Modernists. It is therefore with great excitement that we begin our association with Benjamin – an artist whose life and career have yet to receive the attention that they deserve.