Andrew Wyeth: Drawings and Selected Watercolors

Jun 28 - Jul 28, 2017

New York

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ANDREW WYETH: Drawings and Selected Watercolors

June 28 – July 28, 2017

Gerald Peters Gallery is pleased to present Andrew Wyeth: Drawings and Selected Watercolors, June 28th through July 28th, 2017.  Please join us for this special summer exhibition which offers a glimpse into the artistic process of one of America’s best-known twentieth century artists on the centennial of his birth.

Andrew Wyeth once stated that the mediums he used often reflected the emotions that he felt. Pencil drawings were quick, uncompromising studies, prompted by an immediate knee jerk reaction. Sketches were made without hesitation in an attempt to capture a precise moment. Watercolors, conversely, expressed the less stringent side of his nature. Less rigid and more fluid than a pencil drawing, they effortlessly captured the mood and atmosphere of the subject.

Wyeth worked in a process of private concentration to produce an extensive period of studies, often for a single image, as is evidenced in the Helga studies included in the exhibition. On view are several pencil studies for the 1978 drybrush Overflow, along with sketches for the watercolor In the Orchard (1973), Campfire (1982) and others. Wyeth’s artistic process demanded an intimate knowledge of his subject matter as his fifteen year commitment to Helga as a model is a testament. He continually revisited the same people and places in his work and these familiar subjects never ceased to inspire him. His close relationship to his subject matter is not only evident in his figurative work, but also in his intensely personal landscapes as well.

Born in Chadds Ford, PA, Wyeth began painting at a young age under the tutelage of his father, famed illustrator and artist NC Wyeth. Over the course of an artistic career that spanned seven decades, with studios in both Chadds Ford, PA and Cushing, ME, Wyeth remained committed to the familiar landscapes of his youth. Included in the exhibition are Smoke at Kuerner’s (1976), and After Christmas (1971), paintings that demonstrate a deep connection to the surrounding areas of his boyhood. Ordinary images of a simple wisp of smoke, and a stark snow filled field, are transformed into something deeply meditative and introspective in the hands of this American master.

Andrew Wyeth: Drawings and Selected Watercolors is curated by Gerald Peters Gallery director, Peter Marcelle. For information please contact: Catherine McCormick, (212) 628-9760,