Ancestors and Archetypes

Jan 17 - Feb 19, 2013

New York

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Press Release

Gerald Peters Gallery is pleased to present Ancestors and Archetypes in American Art, an exhibition of figural paintings and sculptures from the late eighteenth, the nineteenth, and the twentieth centuries. 

The human figure has remained a primary source of inspiration for artists of this country from the colonial era through the present day. Whether serving as the basis for historical documents, to inspire patriotism or faith, or to develop a cult of personality, figural art has helped define the visual culture of the United States. Ancestors and Archetypes will explore the artistic impulse toward figural documentation and mythmaking and the resulting visual evolution of characters, whether allegories, heroes, or founding fathers, throughout American history.

Ancestors and Archetypes in American Art will be on view from January 17th through February 19th, 2013 at Gerald Peters Gallery, New York.