A Different Perspective: Creating Outside the Box

Sep 10 - Oct 9, 2015

New York

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Press Release

Gerald Peters Gallery is pleased to present A Different Perspective: Creating Outside the Box, a unique presentation of work by select artists who lived and worked independently from artistic “hubs” without diminishing their originality and creativity. The artists included chose to separate themselves from the art world and the exclusive atmosphere of the system of academic training, the academies and formal exhibition. Some artists chose self-imposed exile as an existential way to create, while others needed to remove themselves because of personal demons. The works exhibited display a wide range of styles and media, but they were all created by artists who were consciously detached themselves from America’s artistic centers.
This exhibition features the work of contemporary tintype photographer, John Coffer, who uses 19th century photographic technique of wet-plate collodion tintypes, or “Ferrotypes.” Devoting his entire life to his art and to teaching others the traditional process, Coffer has committed himself to 19th century living in rural upstate New York. He uses the objects of his agrarian life as his subject matter. Despite commercial success in selling his works, Coffer devotes most of his time and effort to teaching others the authentic process at “Camp Tintype.”
While Coffer exemplifies the isolated artist through his modest lifestyle, he is preceded by a number of artists whose specific circumstances caused them to lead lives away from bustling artistic communities. Louis Potter, George de Forest Brush, and Ralph Blakelock sought to capture authentic scenes of American Indian life, which lead them to live among indigenous tribes. John Flannagan and Charles Demuth suffered health issues that caused them to become psychologically isolated from their contemporaries. Harold Weston, Rebecca Salsbury James, and Arthur Dove lived in secluded rural areas of the country, in self-conscience isolation from the New York art center. Despite their various situations, these artists remained steadfast in their artistic production and their rejection of the New York network.
A Different Perspective: Creating Outside the Box is on view at Gerald Peters Gallery, 24 East 78th Street, from September 10 through October 9, Monday through Friday, 10 am to 5 pm and Saturdays, 12 pm to 5 pm. For a complete list of artists in the exhibition, as well as additional images, please visit our website: For a price list and further information, please contact Alice Levi Duncan, Director, at or (212) 628-9760