Mark Maggiori


Mark Maggiori, who was born in France, acquired oil painting skills through diligent observation at the Académie Julian in Paris. Once ensconced in the American Southwest, he began to apply these techniques and application methods to Western painting, inspired by his favorite artists, N.C. Wyeth and Harvey Dunn.  His background as a music video director provided him with broad storytelling and composition skills which he uses to create his Western narrative scenes that usually portray the lone cowboy. One can easily detect the influence of Frederic Remington and Frank Tenney Johnson in his work, yet it possesses a unique, contemporary feel.
“I fell in love with Western painting because of the cowboy figure,” he has stated. “(The cowboy) was my first interest and fascination. It has such an iconic meaning and it’s a legacy to America. I love the idea of the open range and the endless possibilities of a vast landscape. The fear and excitement of the unknown.”