Lex Alfred Hedley

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Born in the far north of New Zealand in Whangarei in 1952, Lex Hedley misspent most of his youth riding his bike in the countryside looking for birds and their nests. He enjoyed the thrill of encountering these creatures going about their daily lives and discovered a latent ability to sketch and paint birds.

Hedley was educated in the far south of New Zealand at Knox College in Dunedin. He studied history, with a special interest in art history, at the University of Otago. Hedley continued his interest in birds, deepened his early appreciation of the specialness of these encounters and further developed his abilities with brush and pigment.

In 1979, Hedley met and married his wife, Sandra, who said ‘you must do something with this gift”. The couple relocated to Europe to experience new landscapes, paint European birds and further his appreciation and understanding of 17th Century Dutch art. Hedley and his wife and daughter moved to North America in 1989 to experience a new and vastly more complex northern landscape and to paint its birdlife.

In 2010, with twenty years of experience of northern birds and landscapes, and with a more complete understanding of their place in our lives and in nature, Hedley is at present completing a manuscript for his first book.