Antoine-Louis Barye


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Antoine Louis Barye was the first acclaimed and considered by most to be the finest sculptor of the French Animaliers School. His career consisted of bronze sculptures, mainly of wild animals, but he also produced equestrian groups and mythological figures. He is known for such iconic works as Tiger Devouring a Gavial, Lion and Serpent and Jaguar Devouring a Hare, among others; works of a particularly violent nature.

Even though the period from 1837-1848 was considered the zenith of his career, he was financially insecure. He was an obsessive perfectionist and during these years, not many sculptures left his studio due to his intense dissatisfaction with many of them. Thus, he was forced to declare bankruptcy.

Barye’s fortunes began to turn for the better in the 1850’s, as his work began to achieve the recognition and awards it richly deserved. Several of his more prominent sculptures as well as his plasters and models have been placed in the Louvre.