Alfred Jacob Miller

(1810 - 1874)

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Alfred Jacob Miller, born in Baltimore, has been gaining popularity and stature for the past half-century.  In 1833, financed by his family, Miller went to France and Italy to study art.  He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Pairs, copied old master paintings in the Louvre, and mingled with other artists at the Café Greco in Rome.  Upon his return from Europe, he set up a studio in his hometown of Baltimore.  Shortly after, family troubles and severe competition led him to move to New Orleans and attempt a career at portrait painting.  In 1837, he was asked to accompany Captain William Drummond Stewart on an expedition through the West.  Miller enjoyed success as a portrait painter early in his career; however, it is his depictions of the American West and Native Americans that have placed him among the great American painters of the nineteenth-century.  Alfred Jacob Miller died in 1874.